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Back support

To get the greatest benefit from a good nightís sleep your spine needs to be held, as closely as possible, to itís natural shape. Your body should be cradled and supported so that your muscles, tendons and internal organs are free from stress. But, unless your weight, body type and idea of comfort match those of your partner, then an ordinary double bed can only be a compromise for one or both of you.

What is the answer?

The answer is Backchoice. A unique range of specialist, handmade beds, designed with back sufferers in mind. Exclusive to Hatfields. Individual comfort & support in one double bed With the Backchoice collection, different gauges of springs, matched to the respective needs of each partner, are combined in one comfortable double bed. You can choose two separate beds, zipped and linked together to make one bed, or one large mattress with a different gauge of springs in each half. The choice is yours. Either way, you get the maximum benefit from your bed and a good nightís sleep.

Tailor made for you

Your Backchoice bed will be custom-made to your particular requirements, taking into account the specific needs of you and your partnerís individual body configuration. As well as your own preferences for size, luxury and price.

Good Posture

Only by stretching out on a bed will you be able to tell if itís the one for you. Donít expect to learn much from just sitting on the edge and prodding the mattress! You need to lie down and see how well the bed coaxes your body into a good sleeping posture.

Huge Choice

In addition to the choice of firmness, you can select from different grades of comfort and luxury. Backchoice is available in a full range of sizes. Both single and double beds. You can also specify your bed to be fitted with spacious, deep drawers. This addition will not in any way affect the life or comfort of your bed. A drawer divan is a very convenient way to use the space underneath your bed. Four drawers will take the place of a large chest.

The springs that ensure no ďroll togetherĒ

Within your Backchoice bed, thousands of individually pocketed springs will give you the correct support your body needs. These springs will be carefully selected and matched to the respective needs of both you and your partner.

You donít have to be a back sufferer to benefit from Backchoice

Correctly supported sleep is vital to your health, appearance, good temperament, and general well-being. It is quite possible you are currently not getting the comfortable and restorative sleep that you need. With Backchoice, you can select the individual support that is perfect for each of you, whilst retaining the warmth and intimacy of a double bed. You will both get a truly relaxing sleep that eases away the troubles of the day and helps you to wake feeling fit and fully refreshed.

Important - You should never buy a bed without testing it first

Any new bed could be an expensive mistake if it doesnít give you any pressure relief. The wrong bed might even aggravate the problem! Choosing a bed is as individual as choosing shoes - only you can tell if it is right for you, it is vital that you personally test the bed before you make such an important purchase. The beauty of Backchoice is that you can test it thoroughly before you buy.

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